Wavy Haired Girls Need These Three Products from DevaCurl

DevaCurl’s Low Poo, One Condition, and Wave Maker are a curly hair product trifecta that makes any wash day more predictable—the products moisturize hair and define waves so you don’t have to. Follow along with Jeri’s review below and decide what product to try at Posy Beauty.

What’s your hair type?

Wavy, long, medium in coarseness, and dense.

What did you know about the products before using them?

That it wasn’t going to lather and that it smells incredible.

What do the directions say?

Low Poo- Apply the cleanser to your scalp and massage with fingertips. As you rinse, allow the water to help move the cleanser throughout your hair. Rinse thoroughly.

One Condition- Use your fingers to gently detangle, gliding through the ends to thoroughly moisturize. Rinse as needed.

Wave Maker- Smooth a nickel-sized amount of Wave Maker onto wet or damp waves. Scrunch waves all over with a DevaTowel then air dry or use the DevaFuser. Once dry, tousle roots with fingers for extra volume.

Any key ingredients?

Low Poo- Hops and chamomile
One Condition- Olive oil
Wave Maker- Moringa seed and passion flower

Initial reaction?

The smell of all three products is incredible. The best way I can describe the scent of all three products is that they smell like clean, fruity flowers. Low Poo lathered a little more than I was anticipating and Wave Maker felt much lighter than I was expecting; it feels somewhere in between a whip and a cream.

What does it feel like in your hair?

The shampoo and conditioner gave a surge of moisture to my hair. Wave Maker feels SO light! Once I put it in my hair, it was like it disappeared.

What change did you notice after using it?

Low Poo and One Condition moisturized my hair a lot, which I could feel once it was dry. It left some of the natural oils in your hair, so I realized I needed to use much more on my scalp than on mid-lengths and ends. Wave Maker was lightweight, but still gave my hair definition, so my waves looked intentional versus haphazard and air-dried.

Who should use these products?

If your hair isn’t straight, but also isn’t ringlet curls, these are the products for you.

Would you use them again?

Absolutely. Whenever I know I won’t have time to blow-dry and flat iron my hair; I use these three products. They make my waves look like they were put there by a styling tool. I can let my hair air dry, and it still seems like I put a lot more effort into my look!

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