Our Thoughts: Cherry Blooms Fiber Lashes

If you want a break from false lashes, switch up your routine with an alternative, and read our review on Cherry Blooms Fiber Lashes.

Watching someone put on false lashes for the first time is fascinating. It’s like watching a swimmer trying to break an Olympic record. Will they succeed or won’t they? There’s no in-between (and in the case of poorly applied false lashes, there are only copious amounts of eyeliner to cover up the gap between your lash and your lid.) It makes for great TV—or a great YouTube video—but it’s not something you’d want to try out.

When our office tried Cherry Blooms Fiber Lashes (an alternative to false lashes), however, everyone wanted to “dive” in (sorry, sorry). The minute a first-timer would apply the primer coat of mascara gel, swipe the fibers onto their lashes, and seal with a final layer of the gel, the dramatic result would cause someone else to step in line wanting to try. Alternate Cherry Blooms Fiber Lashes with your falsies when you need a quick boost or a break from your routine. Here are our first impressions of the Cherry Blooms Fiber Lashes.


I loved the product. It was easy enough to use and made my lashes look so long and thick! The second coat of fibers was a little odd at first, but stayed on my lashes and wasn't irritating to my eyes in general. It stayed on very well—I left it on overnight just to see how it would look the next day and it looked pretty much the same. It washed off with warm water and minimal scrubbing, so that was nice. I would use this product again!


I’ll be buying this product! The long lashes made me feel youthful and glowy. Once the fiber lashes were on, I enjoyed how low-maintenance they were—I wasn’t always checking my application like I have to do with falsies. They looked more natural than fake lashes, which meant I didn’t have to apply heavy makeup to match my eyes.

At first, I thought the marketing surrounding the lashes was a bit embellished and hard to believe. When something says it amplifies your lashes by 600%, it seems almost too good to be true. However, I was shockingly surprised. Once I saw the effects on someone else, I had to try it for myself!


This mascara is amazing! I had never used fiber lashes and wasn’t sure what to expect, but once I got the first coat on, I couldn’t believe how much longer my lashes were! I was surprised at how well the fibers coated my lashes and didn’t flake off, even after exercising.

I always struggle with false lashes, and I think this serves as an excellent alternative. I didn’t have to worry about messy glue and not trimming or positioning them correctly—it was as simple as applying a few coats of mascara.

I would hesitate to wear this every day, just because I wear glasses. Sometimes my lashes hit my lenses, and with this mascara, my lashes would be so long, I’d have to wear my glasses at the end of my nose!


The product stayed on when it needed to, for the most part. I wear glasses, and there were a few little fibers on my lenses at the end of the day but nothing major. I also did a cardio class while wearing the Cherry Blooms Fiber Lashes and it didn’t smear or run. It stayed put! It was also easy to wash off at the end of the day and didn’t clump up.

I thought it was a “high-maintenance” procedure to apply to mascara and time-consuming. So, I wouldn’t make this part of my morning routine, but I would use it for a festive night out.

Getting long lashes doesn’t have to be difficult! Try Cherry Blooms Fiber Lashes, which are up for grabs at Posy Beauty.

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