Joico Body Shake Review

Rachel tried Body Shake, a "dry texture dream." Read on to see if it's right for you! 

What is the product’s official name?
Joico Body Shake Texturizing Finisher

What do the directions say?
Shake well and apply all over dry hair, using fingers to tousle and plump up strands.

How did you feel or what did you know about the product before you used it?
I had seen it advertised and I liked the way the model's hair looked - thick, messy, I was excited to try it in hopes it would give my limp hair some texture!

What’s your hair type?
Fine, straight, blonde and color-treated

Your Review

Initial reaction? Did anything surprise you?

I was initially surprised at how the spray came out of the can. It is an aerosol but it doesn't spray like a traditional aerosol, it comes out forcefully and really blows back any hair you spray it on.

What does it smell like?
It smells consistent with other Joico styling products I have tried; kind of sweet but also a bit powdery (only in the scent, not in the consistency!).

What is the consistency or color of the product?
It sprays clear and goes on dry, which is my favorite part about this product. So many thickening, bodifying, texture-adding products weigh my hair down because they make it wet and heavy. This sprays on light, dry and airy, letting you create separation and move pieces as needed until you get the style you're looking for.

What does it feel like in your hair?
It makes your hair feel like there is some product buildup in it - in a good way. I hate the feeling of my freshly washed hair because it is extremely flat and always flopping down into my face because it's too soft to be controlled. If I spray some of this in, I can get enough hold and texture for it to stay in place while adding body.

What change did you notice after using it?
This definitely adds body and texture to hair. I wish it would last longer though! It seems like mid-day I need to reapply to get my style back.

Who or what would it be good for?
This is perfect for fine, wispy hair. If you have never tried a dry texturizing spray, this will be your new favorite product.

Would you use it again?
I'm already using it everyday...a couple times a day! :)

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