The Spice Girls - Who Uses What Hair Product?

1994 was a glorious, glorious year. It was the first time we met the power-pop fivesome soon to be internationally known as The Spice Girls. In the midst of male-dominated rap and alt-rock groups, they came promoting “girl power” with each crop top and karate kick.

Every girl identified with at least one. That was part of what was so special about The Spice Girls―each of them had a unique style they proudly lived up to in every way. Let’s break down each beauty and figure out which products can replicate your inner Spice hair.

Scary Spice / Mel B.
With Caribbean heritage behind her signature wild locks, Scary Spice was the highly extroverted, “life of the party” kind of girl. Over the years, we saw her hair transform from an afro to smoothed out waves, but we can all tell Mel’s got terrifyingly (get it?) terrific, naturally curly hair that doesn’t need chemical treatments to be beautiful.

Scary has one of the perfect hair types for DevaCurl, which specializes in products for wavy, curly, and super curly hair. Here’s what to get if you’ve got hair like Scary Spice.

  • SuperCream: Also known as Coconut Curl Styler, this moisturizing cream provides curl definition and tames frizz, softening and shaping your curls.
  • Buildup Buster: This is a micellar water cleansing serum that removes product buildup from styling and hard water but won’t strip hair. It cleanses gently, revealing shiny, bouncy hair.
  • Heaven in Hair: Divine Deep Conditioner is an intense moisture treatment for extremely dry curls in need of intense hydration, leaving it silky smooth, shiny, and manageable.

Baby Spice / Emma Bunton
Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a baby doll dress are ingrained in anyone’s mind when they think of Baby Spice. She’s managed to get the ultimate platinum hair (what are her secrets?), and she’s pulling it off in pigtails and a full bang nonetheless!

If you’ve got a “cracking” (which is a British slang term for “excellent,” because we had to do it) colorist as Baby Spice almost certainly did, you know how necessary color care is since lightened hair tends to get dull and dry. Here are the best products for blonde bombshells:

  • Joico K-PAK Luster Lock: An instant shine and repair treatment that will bring tired hair back to life! It’s a multi-benefit in-shower treatment providing shine, repair, and color-locking vibrancy.
  • Aloxxi Essential 7 Dry Oil Shine Mist: This light, extra-fine mist is a must for shiny hair! It not only adds radiant shine but nourishes and smoothes frizz while adding a tropical scent of apple, fig, and pear. 
  • Color WOW Dream Filter: An all-new pre-shampoo treatment from Color WOW that removes impurities from well and tap water that can dull and darken hair color. It reveals a brighter, lighter, more beautiful color! 

Posh Spice / Victoria Beckham
Posh is timeless. Looking at her style today, she’s still entirely on trend. It was her infamous scowl and LBD that made Posh, well...posh. She may have started the glass hair trend─she was sporting a glossy bob long before we even learned to use bobby pins correctly.

If you want mirrored shine that’s coiffed to perfection, here are your must-haves:

  • Color WOW Dream Coat: Kim Kardashian made this product famous when her stylist started using it on her long, smooth hair. The “supernatural spray” has advanced technology borrowed from the textile industry that smooths, silkens, and humidity-proofs hair for up to 72 hours.
  • Moroccanoil Original Treatment: Both the Original and Light Treatment oil are holy grail hair products. There’s a multitude of benefits to using the treatment on wet or dry hair: detangling, manageability, anti-frizz, elasticity, shine, softness, and more. Right now it’s available in a few different kits at a great price - like Gym Essentials or the Hair & Body Minis for only $20. 
  • Joico Defy Damage Masque: New from Joico, a bond-building, strengthening, and color protecting deep treatment masque that reveals instant softness and shine. It also protects from heat damage. 

Sporty Spice / Mel C.
Did we ever see Sporty with her hair down? We remember a lot of ponytails and scrunchies. She was probably the most relatable Spice Girl for us middle-high school girls who played more soccer, softball, and basketball and weren’t always wearing makeup and sassy outfits.

When you’re as active as Sporty, your hair needs special care.

  • Fairy Tales Lifeguard Clarifying Shampoo: Guaranteed to remove the chlorine and buildup from hair, without leaving it stripped.
  • Onesta Quench Leave-In Conditioner: An all-natural spray leave-in that will get tangles out and leave hair smelling great and feeling soft, silky, and smooth. 
  • Sebastian Potion 9 Lite: To add extra life into your hair, Sebastian’s Potion 9 Lite is a multi-benefit treatment that adds serious shine, body, and reduces frizz, all without weighing hair down. 

Ginger Spice / Geri Halliwell
Ginger had some very memorable hair: bright red, streaky blonde highlights, and heavily, heavily teased. She was the bold, sexy Spice. We never saw her without makeup or without her hair done. She was often sporting Britain’s flag as a dress. That is a commitment, my friends. #godsavethequeen

That hair takes maintenance and upkeep. For that, you most definitely need the right products:

  • Joico Color Infuse Red Shampoo & Conditioner: Color protection shampoo will help, but this tinted pair will add a bit of color back into the hair with every wash. Red fades fast, but not with these.
  • Color WOW Carb Cocktail: This was created by an actual scientist. It will pump up your hair’s volume so much more than any other product you’ve tried, and it will cut the amount of teasing in half.
  • Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Freeze Strong Hold Hairspray: Styling and teasing is a lot of work. Don’t worry about it falling out of place. This product will, as it’s called, “Freeze” it in place. Hello, Ginger!

Keep rocking your girl power and check out everything that’s on sale at Posy.

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