80s Inspired Curls Tutorial

1. Use your natural waves or curls to your advantage! Start by using a product that works with your texture. I prepped my hair by using prive curl cream. It gives my hair definition and volume without the crunch. Put a small amount in your hands and work in your hair by gently scrunching from the ends and working product up to the roots.

2. Use a diffuser to dry hair faster if you're in a hurry. (We highly recommend the DevaCurl DevaFuser!) Diffuse hair until it is about 80-90% dry. Air dry the rest of the way to avoid frizz.

3. Take a small curling iron (depending on your curl size preference and hair length) and wrap small pieces around the barrel. Hold for 10-20 seconds and release the curl. Alternate the curl pattern for a more kinky look. Make sure to get pieces of hair close to the root to get all that extra volume. Spray generously with hairspray.

4. Add a fun accessory! Wrap your hair up in a bandana and channel your inner Madonna. 

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