About Us

Posy would like to welcome everyone with a love-hate relationship with hair.
One day it’s great. The next day? Not so much…

Even keeping up with the latest style trends is quite the workout. We’re all guilty of throwing our hair up in a “sporty” ponytail and wearing athleisure to work (just us?) There’s not always time to execute on our style desires, but we sure don’t want to stop being inspired! For that, there’s Posy Beauty.

And this is where it all started for us.

This back and forth battle all changed when we started working for a salon distributor. We found products and hairstyles that met the needs for our unique hair types and became product experts about what went into our shampoos, conditioners and styling products.

The right hair product is out there—and it’s going to make a world of difference for you.

With our unique industry experience, we wanted to help others with their hair problems, which is why we created Posy Beauty. We welcome personalities of all kind. Posy is a collection of lifestyle ideas. We take a holistic approach to hair care: Mind, body and beauty. After all, expression doesn’t have to be put into one category. We want everyone to embrace their style inspirations!

We also believe that beauty and acceptance are intimately connected. Feeling beautiful is not always about looking the part. So, embrace the flaws, the “hot mess” hairstyle and anything out of your control. Feeling beautiful is about having gratitude and working with—not against—those defining features.

We’re smart about our hair products. We know what products are best for your hair and are fully prepared to help you work with it!

We will provide you with the finest professional hair, nail and skincare products and the most up-to-date trends and advice. Our goal is to make a fast, convenient shopping experience while celebrating each person’s individual style.

Fill your pockets with Posy.

We know what you’re thinking, and no, this motto doesn’t mean we just want you to buy from us - although, that’d be nice! Get the full Posy experience on our site, where we’ll introduce new looks, explore the latest products and provide inspiration so you’ll always have those bold ideas in your back pocket.